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Set behind the backdrop of modern-day America, Ebere chooses survival above everything else, including herself.

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Just Lie Here



Jude is a traveling musician and staying the night in a room that he rented online. He is calm, polite, and calculated; but he is also not who he says he is. When the owners of the home, Thomas and Linda Clarke, return the next day to greet Jude, they are unaware that their demise could come at any moment at the hands of their supposed guest. Deception turns into chaos in a thrilling cat-and-mouse game between them.

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The Cure 01
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The Cure



Top 20 at LA Film Prize 2017.

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Rasta Sky Adventures



If we don't have fun, we are wasting our time.





A Jewish mother and daughter are separated during World War II.

They must fight against all odds if they are to ever see each other again.

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One in Five



Neglected by parents embroiled in a divorce, Amanda and her younger sister are left in the care of an uncle for one harrowing night.

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Lifebook Hackers



A comedy following the story of a recently dumped Chloe and the consequences she faces because of her social media overuse.